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The Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Trend
The Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Trend
January 15, 2020

The Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Trend

Add a fresh and modern look to your kitchen with two-toned cabinetry. We typically see light upper cabinets with dark lowers. This balance helps keep your kitchen looking light and bright. The light upper cabinets can make your kitchen appear spacious, while the dark lower cabinets keep your kitchen grounded. 

Another kitchen design trend would be to have all your cabinets’ one color and the kitchen island a different color. Two-tone cabinetry provides great contrast and adds visual appeal to your kitchen. 

If you like white cabinetry but don’t want an all-white kitchen, consider mixing white with a grey. Featured below is a kitchen by Revival Home Renovations. For the cabinet doors, they used Profile I which is a shaker door style. The color choice is just lovely. The upper cabinets are in Snow White and the lower cabinets are in Rain Cloud. This color combination is a great choice for a neutral palette. 



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Another stunning two-toned kitchen was done by Petit Suite. Not only did they use two different cabinet door colors, but they also used two different cabinet door styles! The upper cabinets feature the Pillow cabinet door in White Portuna. The lower cabinets feature the Nouveau Shaker cabinet door in Brushed Driftwood.



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For a subtle touch a color, Tarko Interiors added a hint of grey to this gorgeous white kitchen. The cabinet doors are the Executive Shaker in Crystal White and the countertop side panel features a Special X shaker in Canadian Grey.



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We absolutely love it when our customers get creative with their kitchen design. At TDM, we have over 150 cabinet colors to choose from and sometimes it’s hard to pick just one. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, be it neutral or bold. If you need help choosing a color, feel free to visit our showroom to browse our selection and to speak with a Door Advisor.


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