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Tailor Fit Your Kitchen Design with Custom Cabinetry
Tailor Fit Your Kitchen Design with Custom Cabinetry
September 13, 2018

While many trend guides offer good options for many homeowners, you should keep in mind that a kitchen remodeling project should, above all, reflect your personality and style. There may be no single trend that will stand out because minimalism and modern simplicity will not overshadow other personality-rich and eclectic styles. Designers know that it’s all in the small details, like your kitchen’s cabinet doors.


When you plan to remodel or design your dream kitchen, there are almost countless options for cabinet doors – all available from the experts at The Door Maker!


Material Selection

Hardwoods have been a top choice of homeowners for a long time, but innovations with laminates or MDF have grown more and more popular. They require low maintenance and can perfectly imitate the look of real wood at a lower price point. Cabinet doors made from such materials also come with an exceptional lifespan that should make hardwood enthusiasts think twice. 



Finishing Touch

Cabinetry style and finish are the keys to your kitchen design as they immediately draw the eye and set the tone. At TDM, we offer many finish options for you to choose from:


Warm wood tones - An ongoing trend, it gives a natural, rustic, and textured style with the warm tones of natural woods. Oak is arguably the best material, offering warmth and appeal to any kitchen’s cabinetry.


Classic white - White cabinetry works well with any style and never goes out of style. You can also opt for warmer white shades and surfaces to get your style just right.


Multiple finishes - You can use contrasting or complementing colors to create a specific elegant feel to your kitchen. You can combine black and white, black and gray, or white and warm wood tones to get this effect.


Most often, cabinetry hardware like hinges or handles seems to be an afterthought of its construction design. However, these small pieces of metal can provide a powerful effect on your entire cabinetry. The most popular options include chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and brushed brass.


The Door Maker provides cabinet doors with high-quality materials and finishes from over 28 interior profiles, 10 exterior profiles, and more than 150 colors. Visit or contact us today to learn more!

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