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All components manufactured by 02518909 ON Inc. o/a TDM (The Door Maker) are warrantied by the manufacturer to its customer against defects occurring in the manufacturing process, subject to the terms and conditions stated here.

The warranty covers only those items specified herein and do not cover defects or damages attributed to installation, misuse or normal surface weathering, or defects and damages caused by accidents or by fire or other Acts of God, or any other acts or occurrences beyond the manufacturer’s control. The exclusive remedial action provided for the customer by the manufacturer shall be repair, restoration or replacement of the components found to be defective once examined by the manufacturer.

The replacement of new materials for those as may be defective may result in a colour variance in comparison to the original installed laminates due to slight colour texture changes by the laminate manufacturers and it is not indicative of a defect. TDM (The Door Maker) reserves the right to substitute such laminates as are then being manufactured and is only obligated to match the colour and quality with such products as it is manufacturing at the time of defect and/or replacement.

The warranty is limited to repair, restoration and/or replacement by TDM (The Door Maker) of any defective unit provided the manufacturer and TDM (The Door Maker) is in receipt of the defective unit at its place of business:  1730 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T1A3. Under any circumstances the shipping of defective product is the responsibility of the customer. Disposal of defective unit once examined is the responsibility of the customer.

Limitation of liability: It is understood and agreed that manufacturer’s liability, whether in contract, in tort under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise, shall not exceed the return of the amount of purchase price for the defective item paid by purchaser and under no circumstances shall seller be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages. No action, regardless of form, arising out of the transactions under the agreement may be brought by the purchaser more than one year after the cause of action has   accrued.
TDM (The Door Maker).

Manufacturers defect for warp if the warp exceeds the following tolerances;

 0 to 24" in height: maximum warp = 1/16"

24" to 48" in height: maximum warp = 1/8"

48" to 72" in height: maximum warp = 1/4"

72" and over and not defective regardless of warp.   

In all cases warp under the tolerances will be subject 50% restocking fee. 

Due to the 100% custom nature of TDM's doors, panels, mullions, frames and any known or unknown items manufactured by TDM (The Door Maker) can not be returned for any reason other than stated above.  

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