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Our high-gloss and regular PVC films are multi-layered PVC films that are 3D thermo-formable. As a result, highly polished surfaces can be realized in only one working step, eliminating the need to sand, prime, paint and protect the finish of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) cabinet doors. Films are primed on the underside to promote adhesion to the MDF, acting as a secondary source of glue for application.

Our careful processes help to guarantee the quality of our products.

Browsing through our colour selection, you may have noticed “Peel Coat” as one of the characteristics. Most PVC films are delivered with a Polyethylene (PE) protective covering, similar to what you might see on brand new appliances. This covering is typically found on our matte and high gloss colours. It protects the door during manufacturing, shipping, and installation.

Once your cabinet doors have been installed, gently pick at a corner until it peels back. Pull off the plastic coating entirely to reveal the finish of your cabinet door. You will see a vast difference in the material and the detail when you see the actual PVC and not the Peel Coat.

Our process includes applying PVC films to MDF cabinet doors once they have been machined and glued. Afterward, they will be stored in a clean, dry environment at room temperature and moderate humidity, and they will be kept away from a direct source of heat and direct sunlight. This critical step ensures that your MDF kitchen cabinet doors arrive in the best possible condition for your home.

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