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Most companies use a numbered system that delineates one door without allowing the user to alter his or her design systems. To address this, The Door Maker uses a unique method of identifying our doors.


Stiles and Rails – All stiles and rails can be either altered to reflect the customer's taste in a group or as individually adjusted to match any current door system. Bear in mind that the stile provides material for the hinge holes to be drilled into, thereby reducing the amount of stile that can be removed.


A typical design number for one of our products would look like this: 2008/I/05, as stated in the illustration below. This number or code allows TDM and our contractors to alter each door design in three different geometries, and in one colour selection. 


Door Styles:

2001  – Flat slab door.
2002 – Square profile, raised panel.
2003 – Arched top square bottom, arches have shoulders and a raised panel.
2004 – Arched top square bottom, arches do not have shoulders and a raised panel.
2005 – Arched top and bottom both with shoulders and a raised panel.
2006 – Arched top and bottom no shoulders and a raised panel.
2007 – Rounded top square bottom and a raised panel.
2008 – Square receded profile with insert, can have continuous v-groove running alongside the styles. Inserts can include flat, bead, or v-groove wavy insert panels.
Panel Profile:

A  – Flat slab panel.
B – Raised panel, shallow 2 step groove, round corners.
– Raised panel, deep 3 step u-shaped rounded groove, round corners.
D – Raised panel, shallow 2 step v-shaped groove, square corners.
E – Raised panel, deep 2 step medium u-shaped groove, square corners.
F – Raised panel, shallow 3 step v-shaped groove, square corners.
G – Raised panel, deep 3 step u-shaped groove, square corners.
H – Raised panel, deep 2 step u-shaped groove very wide, square corners.
I – Recessed panel, square corners inserted panels with bead board, v-groove or flat.
J – Recessed panel, same as I with v-groove on inside edges of styles running length of door.
Edge Profile:

1 – One step rounded.
2 – One step bevelled.
3 –  Two step gradual slope.
4 – 1/8 round over.
5 – 45 degree cut off.
6 –  One step gradual slope.
7 – Square edge.

– Sharp edge 30 degree angle.

– Soft edge 30 degree slope.


Due to the nature of MDF (Medium-Density Fibre), once cut, the profiles of all doors will show a slight roughness as a result of exposing the fibrous material. This is especially evident when pressed with certain PVC colours. TDM takes great care in sanding and preparing doors that will not have an insert applied. Quaker doors and the edges of some others will show a roughness regardless of the amount of sanding.


To ensure that you have the correct measurements for your doors, please refer to our instructional manual:
How to Measure a Cabinet Door.


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