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Blum Self-Closing Hinges with backplate is $5.00/each. Blum Soft-Closing Hinges with backplate is $7.50/each.

Hinge Cost

Hinge Cost

Hinge Cost

1 Blum self-closing hinge ( 2 - 5/8 #8 screws needed per hinge) including backplate: $5.00/each

Holes in the doors need to be drilled - cup size 1 3/8" x 1/2" set back from the edge of the door 1/4" as per manufacturers' recommendations.


1 Blum soft-closing hinge including backplate: $7.50/each.

Measures 37mm from the edge of the cabinet.


Your choice of hinges can be added to your order of cabinet doors. In the "Dimensions" section of the Build a Door page, click on "View Additional Options" to make your hinge selection. 

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Do you need help assembling your Blum hinges? Check out Blum's EASY ASSEMBLY app. The EASY ASSEMBLY app for smartphones and tablets answers any questions you may have about the assembly and adjustment of Blum fittings. The app includes assembly instructions and assembly videos for all Blum products.

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