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Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight
August 04, 2021

Employee Spotlight

The Door Maker would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Rob Chamberlain of KLP Carpentry.

Rob has over 20 years of experience building cabinets. His passion for woodworking began when he was just a kid working with his dad. Rob’s first real taste for woodworking started when he was in Grade 11 where he had an apprenticeship making cabinets. He has been working in the industry ever since.

Rob started his own business 6 years ago called KLP Carpentry. He does a little bit of everything but his primary focus is on kitchen renovations. Being married with 3 kids, it was difficult to find that work-life balance, as any entrepreneur knows. Rob voiced his concerns while we were in the process of hiring a Shop Foreman for our production team. Rob has been a customer of The Door Maker for years and it only felt right to offer him a position within the company that catered to his expertise.

Rob has been with the company for about a month now and leads a 4-person team. He is the liaison between the manufacturing side and the front office. With the newest member of our team, customers can expect:

  • Cabinet doors that undergo strict quality control checks,
  • A better understanding of what you, the customer wants, by making sure that your special request is feasible,
  • Zero to no errors with our production line

TDM: What are your goals for our production team?

Rob: I want to see more consistency in production and really keep an eye out for quality control. Being in the cabinet industry myself for 20 years, I know what to look out for. My goal is also to build a better team so that The Door Maker can go even further.

TDM: What is your favourite cabinet colour?

Rob: Snow White. It’s a timeless colour for your kitchen cabinets.

TDM: What is your go-to panel profile when renovating a kitchen?

Rob: The Manhattan Shaker. It adds a bit of a twist to your classic shaker door.

Welcome to The Door Maker Rob!

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