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Useful Information

1. Care must be taken when using hot water or steam source close to thermofoil doors. Doormaker brand thermofoil doors have been tested to withstand temperatures up to 95˚C (203˚F) but direct steam will deactivate the glue.

Some precautions:
   A. When using self cleaning oven feature, remove drawer & doors adjacent to oven.
   B. Be aware of placement of toasters, toaster ovens, broilers, kettles etc.

2. Avoid use of harsh chemicals when cleaning. Use soap and water or a standard household all purpose cleaner. Avoid lacquer, thinners, bleaches or cleaners containing solvents or abrasives. Never use cleansers with toluene or acetone.

3. Avoid bumping or hitting doors especially with sharp objects. Cuts, dents, and abrasions can result in water seeping under the PVC causing bubbling.

Minor surface scratches can be repaired using:
    A.  High-grade polishing compound
    B.  Polish area with carnauba based wax
    C.  Repair kit from a reputable paint company

4.   Refer to Technical Information for a list of chemicals and their reaction.

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